Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Hall of Shame" 2006 Admits Top American Brands

An independent branding consultant has released an annual branding "Hall of Shame". Surprisingly, several big-name brands are among the list. According to branding expert, Robert Passikoff, the companies who had branding bloopers are those that have been struggling to grow profits. The companies that committed a marketing blooper are Wal-Mart, Ford, Gap and Microsoft.

Ford the automaker made a tremendous marketing blunder by pulling ads from magazine that caters gay community because of pressure from Christian group. Moreover, decision to put the ads back made it even worst as it would have a big negative impact on its potential customer, both from the gay community and the Christian group.

Microsoft the largest software company is even terrible by calling its own customers "dinosaur heads". Even though the idea behind is to tell its customers to upgrade so they will not miss new features and benefits, however it is silly and doesn't work.

Wal-Mart the giant retailer was featuring singer Beyonce which is a big mistake as Wal-Mart's core customers are not upscale consumers. Wal-Mart's always been about low prices and the company should refocus on which they once were to the customer.

On the other hand, some brands like Motorola, American Express and Office supplies chain Staples get a thumbs-up. According to Kelly O'Keefe, CEO of O'Keefe Brands, those companies are doing a great job by changing the look and feel of the brand, maintaining long-term consistency of the image and being innovative.

Source: CNN Money

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