Tuesday, November 28, 2006

High-Tech Toys Make Kids Smarter?

Fran Molloy, The Age Australia, wrote an article about the impact of high-tech toys to kids.

It starts in utero, intensifies when babies are learning to crawl and hits a frenzy about the time they are learning the alphabet: the push to get smarter has created a global industry dedicated to training young brains.

And if you think you're off the hook when your children are out of nappies, think again: a new generation of tech toys for the elderly means that, from cradle to grave, the relentless push to make you smarter never lets up. Tech toys aimed at improving intelligence are designed for the under-10s, and particularly for the ages when children are learning to read, write and count.

It's here that manufacturers are reaping big dollars from anxious parents who are more than ready to part with their hard-earned cash to make sure their children have a winning edge in the brain race.

Toys are no longer purely about fun and entertainment: smart kids are what it's all about.

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