Monday, November 27, 2006

Singapore to Build Training Facilities for Space Tourists

Sebastian Rupley from PC Magazine, wrote an article about Singapore that is currently building a spaceport which will provide suborbital flights and astronaut training facilities for space tourists. The $115 million facility’s construction is being financed by Space Adventures (which has already launched private explorers into space) and a consortium from Singapore.

Prices for the suborbital spaceflights aren’t set yet, but tourists who take off from Spaceport Singapore will reach a maximum altitude of 100km and will experience up to 5 minutes of continuous weightlessness. As many as five space tourists will be able to travel together.

In addition to these flights, the spaceport will offer various high-altitude simulation activities. These will include parabolic flights that induce weightlessness, G-force training in a centrifuge, and simulated space walks in a neutral buoyancy tank. Myasishchev Design Bureau, a Russian aerospace organization, is overseeing the development of the aircraft and space systems.

If you’re Earth-weary, start saving your pennies.

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