Monday, February 27, 2006

Click Fraudsters Earn Billion Annually?

Internet ad-traffic scams become one of the hottest topics these days. Business Week reported that a web consultant, Greg Boser, created a software program as a clickbot to create the fake clicks. It routes traffic all over the Internet through anonymous proxy server, creating the false impression that visitors are from all over the world.

While companies such as Google and Yahoo are doing enough to reduce the number of fraud clicks, in fact, the fraudsters are always one step ahead. As a result, Google stock was downgraded last January. On the other hand, senior director of Yahoo! product management confidently said that click fraud is still manageable as Yahoo! system continually improve and update to any new patterns and problems. Meanwhile, Google employs teams to monitor fraud click activity.

Security experts agreed that it is trivial to filter out some not legitimate traffic. However, it will get more complicated when a hacker utilize a worm to infect thousands of vulnerable PCs to route traffic from actual computer all over the world to his sites. This technique is nearly impossible to identify.

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