Sunday, February 19, 2006

World's Most Expensive Chocolate

Ever wonder what is the most expensive chocolate in the world? For sure, it is not Godiva. Just give you an early shock, this chocolate costs you US$5.200 per kilogram. What does make this chocolate so expensive? As the maker said, "It's made of 70% Valrhona cacao, which is blended into a creamy ganache with truffle oil. The truffle is then hand-rolled with a dark truffle on the inside and dusted with cocoa powder."

This chocolate company is Knipschildt Chocolatier that was founded in 1999 by Fritz Knipschildt, who got his culinary education as a chef in Denmark. You can call this chocolate: Chocopologie. If you interested in, and want to know how does the worlds's most expensive chocolate taste?
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