Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ssstttt... Microsoft' Secret Project

Microsoft has a secret... BetaNews reported, Microsoft registered early this week. However, don't expect to see any product information there. If you wonder, Microsoft provides a few hints that might help you to guess. Once, you open the website, a flash animation will greet you and pop up 4 questions: "Do you know me? Do you know what I can do? Or where I can go? Or how I can change your life?" And finally, it ends up with the text: "you will learn on 3.2.06"

Several industry watchers are speculating Origami could be a new type of wearable PC or small digital camcorder referring prototype demoed at COMDEX 2001 or perhaps Microsoft answer to Apple iPod. Who knows?

Anyway, we'll know the answer soon...

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