Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Chameleon Keyboard

Keyboards with additional keys are very common. Usually, those additional keys are located on top of standard keys. You can also assign what applications will be launched once you pressed those keys.

But this keyboard is different. The keys can be transformed according to the application you launched. Amazingly, it can also be transformed based on the OS’ language setting. Say, if your language setting is Japanese, it will show Japanese character instead Latin. :D Saving money, don't have to buy additional keyboard though. Another thing is the keys are animated and colorful. Make it so beautiful.

This keyboard is called Optimus and developed by Art. Lebedev Studio. It is the largest design company in Russia. In addition, Optimus keyboard is expected to be released and available globally by the end of 2006. How about the price? Not known yet, but according to its website, it will not cost more than a good mobile phone.

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