Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft released a free tool for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 which can help you easily capture, synchronize, and publish audio, video, slides, and images. This tool will be very extremely useful when you fancy about creating attractive presentation.

Following the features that Microsoft Producer offers:
- Support a wide variety of audio and video formats
- Capture live audio and video
- Select various video effects and transitions
- Supports importing timeline from external source
- Embedding presentation in HTML
- Automatic creation and publication of project files
- Share your presentation on intranet, internet or by CD
- Create a project archive by using the Pack and Go Wizard
- Integrate your presentation in a FrontPage Web

After you create and preview a Producer presentation, you can publish it so that it can be viewed in your web browser. Microsoft Producer is also available for Microsoft PowerPoint 2002.

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