Friday, March 24, 2006

Windows Vista Release Delayed

Microsoft will delay Windows Vista for the second time and plans to release Windows Vista consumer edition in January 2007. However, the enterprise version will remain on track that will be released in November 2006.

In conference call with media, Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft's Platforms and Services Division, said that the major reason for this delay is to give Microsoft more time to improve the quality of the Windows Vista. He also stated that certain partners asked Microsoft, not to sold Vista in December as they needed time to manage overseas manufacturing of their PCs.

In the meantime, rumor was spreading in the Internet, saying that the reason behinds Vista delay is 60% of Windows Vista code need to be rewritten; due to one of the key components of Windows Vista consumer version has major problems.

On the other hands, reported that the rumor is not correct and 100% false. Microsoft flatly denied the report and said that the report is "speculation with no demonstrable basis in fact". The company is working on security, testing and polish, not writing new code.

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