Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stop Eating Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese food that is more popular than ever before, however studies say that it has become the new Russian roulette in term of safety. These studies held by a California group show in some fish used by sushi may contain high mercury level that is very dangerous.

Samples were taken from six popular sushi restaurants in Los Angles for testing. As a result, most of tuna fish had mercury level about 88% higher than FDA (Food and Drug Administration) level.

Sushi restaurants mostly use big-eyed tuna and blue & yellow-finned tuna, because those tuna are considered best suited for sushi. Moreover, these kinds of tuna have longer live are suspected carrying more mercury than others. Whereas, seafood like shrimp and salmon do not pose any mercury risk as their life spans are very short.

Mercury is very risky as it can cause permanently damage the nervous system in fetuses and temporary memory loss in adults.

Meanwhile, according to the restaurant owner, sushi is still healthy to eat regardless of high mercury level. It is definitely safer and healthier than beef and chicken.

Source: MSNBC

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